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Hire and Production of Tents and Storage Halls

EKODYNAMIC group has been operating in Poland and the EU for over 20 years now, being a leading manufacturer of tents and other industrial buildings, permanent in nature. Thanks to development programmes and the use of modern technologies, EKODYNAMIC created a unique and efficient methodology, offering tents and storage halls assembled faster than traditional buildings on any solid ground.

EKODYNAMIC has supported organisation of several sporting and outdoor events, including festivals, exhibitions, fairs and other occasions taking place in any season of the year, in all possible weather conditions. EKODYNAMIC is today well-known for its tents, industrial halls and other permanent buildings, and keeps developing both in the Polish and other EU markets.

If you are looking for tents or canopies –  why not try EKODYNAMIC?

EKODYNAMIC is a fast developing entity with an extensive technological, production and logistic base and expertise. We have our own, modern assembly tooling, transport fleet as well as production machinery and devices.

EKODYNAMIC  today means also highly qualified specialists with several years of expertise. We specialise in standard dimension products (both permanent and temporary for hire), but we are also open to non-standard solutions.

Our References

We have references and recommendations from different sectors of economy: automotive, consumer electronics, sports, events, grocery, military, agriculture, logistic centres and many others. We may present several references in written form at your request.